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SharpStone® Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder


  • CNC Machined Components
  • Strong Neodymium Magnets
  • Razor Sharp Cutting Blades
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Thin Poly Rings
  • Pollen Scraper
  • Carrying Pouch
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About SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder

Are you looking for a grinder you can take with you on your adventures? Something you can bring during short coffee breaks when you squeeze in that sweet smoking or vaping sesh? Something that boasts superior quality build and boasts unparalleled performance? All this in a portable, travel-friendly package. Interested?

The SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder is one of today’s most functional 2-piece grinder on the market. It may be small in size but the quality of grind in brings to the table is simply bar none. The SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Weed Grinder is made from aircraft-grade aluminum that’s milled from one single aluminum block. This allows the SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder to have the ideal weight and durability giving it the perfect form and function a travel grinder so rightfully requires. You can take the SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder almost anywhere you go allowing you access to freshly ground herbs whenever you desire, whenever you need them. The SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder is best for casual and recreational consumers who want to enjoy the benefits of smoking of vaping their select botanical blends. This is also ideal for patients who rely on herbal and botanical aromatherapy for a non-synthetic and non-invasive form of treatment or therapy for their medical condition.

Having a portable and reliable grinder is beneficial for all types of consumers who love and need to consume freshly ground plant matter on-the-go. If you’re the type of consumer that needs fresh botanicals, then you should consider having the SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder, and we ask you to consider hard, that’s how bad you need the SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder in your collective arsenal.

Built for the Outdoors

Compact and practical, built for hell and back reliability, that’s the SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder. The technology behind its anodized aluminum coating makes the SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder a durable herb grinder that you can take when you head and brave the outdoors. By treating the exterior of the SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder through anodization. Anodization involves the change in the surface of the aluminum metal in microscopic scale. This hardens the anodized surface and increases its resistance to abrasion and wear and tear so you don't have to worry about having to deal with smears and smudges brought by wear and tear as well as daily carrying and use activity. This not only protects the SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder from minor manifestations of erosion and degradation but it also makes the anodized surface less likely to peel and crack from wear and ageing. In general, the anodized surface is harder than the actual aluminum metal regardless if it's aircraft-grade. This means that the exterior of the SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder is made for braving the elements. This is highlighted by the fact that the SharpStone Hard Top Grinders have a solid hard surface that’s evenly textured for additional grip. The actual makeup of the exterior is more robust and more hard-wearing than most grinders in its category. And while it possesses exceptional durability, it still looks as plain and as clean as ever which makes for the remarkable minimalistic appeal. This is best when grinding herbs outdoors since the grinder won’t actually attract attention.

Another feature that makes the SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder suitably built for that on-the-go experience is its powerful neodymium magnets. Neodymium is the strongest magnet available for commercial use. No other magnet has this much power, neodymium magnets have 18 times greater strength than normal and average magnets. Imagine having this strong of a magnet at your disposal, it locks the grinder in place and keeps the contents inside until you open it. Even though the neodymium magnet has strong hold and pull over the bottom grinding piece, it can easily be removed and pulled apart making for a convenient way to remove and replace the grinding pieces. This also makes the SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder a strong candidate for a travel grinder because there’s no need to deal with threaded connections making loading and removal of ground herbs fast and easy, something that you’d need when you’re grinding outside. It also comes in different color options so you can match your outfit, or maybe choose a color that represents your loud and proud nature or you can go discreet and stealthy with its subtle color options.

An Easy Way to Carry

The SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder offers an easy way to carry and travel with an herb grinder. Unlike other grinders that give you puzzles to solve when packing, the SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder ensures that packing it when travelling is the least thing you should have to worry. It comes with an included carry pouch so you can always slide it in the pouch and stash it inside your bag without even having to worry about having to damage other objects you need to carry during your trip making it an extremely convenient travel grinder. What’s more is that because of its size, you won’t have any problems packing it. Heck, even without the carry pouch, you can always put it in your pocket and it won’t even bother you since it’s super slim and sleek.

The SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder presents a new way to carry, travel, and grind with an herb grinder. Make sure to add this 2-piece grinder to your arsenal regardless if you’re a medical consumer or a recreational user, the SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder is going to be a must have. Upgrade your collection and elevate your experience by having freshly ground herbs whenever you need them, take one of the SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinders now.

What’s In The Box:

  • 1 x SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder
  • 1 x Carrying Pouch

SharpStone® Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder User Guide

How To Milk Your Grinder

Want a grinder hack? Let's combine cleaning your grinder and making something out of it, like THC infused milk. Cleaning your SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder can be extra beneficial since you can clean it out and make THC infused beverage at the same time. Now you’ll look forward to cleaning your grinder more than ever. Here’s what you need in order to achieve this cool feat.

  • Your SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder
  • Milk
  • A hot pot for cooking
  • Swabs for cleaning
  • Warm water

This process will be an easy and fun way of cleaning your grinder, you make the most out of your herbs as well as out of the experience of cleaning your grinder. So, here’s how you do it.

1. Lightly clean your grinder

Give your grinder a few taps, this is to remove any excess herb that may be too coarse or too rough, this will also remove any herbs large enough to irritate your throat, you just don’t want to have them on your milk. So, give your grinder a light tap, light enough to delicately remove the larger herbs from the grinder. All you’d want is the sticky substance on the grinder since it has the highest concentration of active ingredients and it will make your milk super good. When you’re using a 2-piece grinder, like the SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder, you won’t have the advantage of having a screen or a sifter that will separate the pollen from the ground herbs and the pollen will most likely end us sticking in the corners and the crevices of your grinder. Some will stay on the teeth and on the blades and some will even make their way on the gaps and aperture of the threaded connections of the grinder. There’s no better way to clean it that to milk it.

2. Boil your milk

Pro tip, lightly boil your milk. It’s best to keep the temperature only to medium heat since higher temperature levels will cause the milk to curdle, it will even coagulate the milk. This will be counterproductive since you’ll most likely end up with a sticky and gooey substance and it will make it harder to clean your grinder.

Put your milk on medium to low heat, drop your grinder in it and mix it occasionally. Let the grinder sit in the hot milk bath for about half an hour, this time will be enough to melt the pollen and the low heat will be enough to activate the ingredients in the pollen. Decarboxylation will allow you to reap the benefits of the THC and the CBD in the pollen and the emulsified components of the milk will give your grinder a pristine shine.

3. Final touches

After 30 minutes, take the grinder out of the heated milk, you can use your cotton swabs to clean the corners and the edges of the grinder. After which, you can rinse the grinder with warm water and let it dry.

For the milk, you can let it cool down and drink it afterwards for a rewarding and refreshing experience.

How To Keep Your Grinder in Good Shape

Like the stuff you use for consuming your herbs, your grinder also needs to be maintained and kept in good working condition. This will allow you to get optimum results when using your herb grinder and it will prevent any problems from occurring in the future. Here are some maintenance tips for keeping your grinder in good shape.

1. Clean it regularly

Some people loot at herb grinders like they’re some kind of heavy equipment. However, your grinder will not function well if it’s kept dirty and untidy. It will cause the grinder to clog and gooey. It'll make it hard for you to turn the grinder around, it will also dull the blades as pollen (a sticky substance) can develop and get in the way of the blades. Make sure to clean your grinder regularly to keep it in good working condition.

2. Be mindful of what you put in

While it’s true that some grinders are built with exceptionally strong and durable materials, putting things inside your grinder you’re not supposed to will affect its performance. Some consumers may sometimes fail to notice that in some cases the nuggets of herbs they put in include small twigs and seeds. This can get in the way of grinding and may even cause notched edges. Be careful what you put in.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Zoe Pohl
Great grinder and awesome customer support

The first grinder I received was broken. I reached out to customer support and they had sent a replacement the next day. The new one arrived today and it’s great. Very nice upgrade from the og sharp stone I got 13 years ago!

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