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What Customers Say

Hand Crank is Perfect

"Just got my new hand crank V2. At first look, you'll know that it is high quality, it has fine finish and it does its job so much better than expected. Cool design, super nice color and elegant overall look. I think I got more than what I paid for. :)"

Benjamin D.

Excellent Support Indeed

"I have never seen a support as responsive and as professional as SharpStone. I ordered one of their items and the color I wanted was no longer available. They immediately contacted me and asked if I wanted to change instead of cancelling my order without letting me know what's going on. I had the chance to order another color that I wanted without any delay in delivery. Just awesome!"

Jess T.

I am truly pleased

I am truly pleased with SharpStone's products and service. Above all, I am really happy with their fast delivery. I was so excited to get this item for my brother and he was so happy with the quality. Thank you so much guys!

Veronica J.

Smooth Transaction

Got my item really fast without any hassle. I was so happy when I opened the packaging, it did not disappoint me. I know how a real SharpStone looks like and it was exactly what I got. Thank you so much guys, I will definitely recommend you to my folks.

Mr. Leaflover

Dedicated Customer Service

I used to buy grinders from another brand. A friend of mine told me that SharpStone is better. So I went to this website to check their products out. I wanted to make sure of the details of their products so I contacted their support for assistance. It's just so amazing how you guys are very professional, accommodating and fast in answering questions. I really felt valued as a customer. Thank you so much and I plan to purchase more from you in the future.

Janet C.

Awesome Brand

What an awesome brand, SharpStone. Your products are highly durable. I've had a couple for years and just got another one a week ago and nothing has changed in terms of quality. Thank you for being so consistent with your products and service. You absolutely do great in this business.

Tyler M.

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SharpStone Grinders

The Sharpstone Grind

Today’s industry is littered with a multitude of herb grinders that promise the best experience – but do they have what it takes to back their word up? Sharpstone Grinders are a testament to the true commitment of bringing and delivering the best grinding experience, ever. Years of experience coupled with a group of talented and dedicated team of researchers and developers is the secret behind the Sharpstone Grinder success, the Sharpstone grinding experience. Sharpstone Grinder products speak for themselves, in terms of quality, reliability, dependability, and overall superiority.

The Sharpstone Advantage

Sharpstone Grinders are made from high-quality anodized aluminum. The raw materials and the metals used in manufacturing all Sharpstone Grinders are carefully selected and are meticulously treated to ensure utmost quality. The aluminum materials are crafted from solid aircraft grade rods which are then fabricated using the latest CNC machining technology. This is why all Sharpstone Grinders come out polished and smooth. Sharpstone’s promise of quality is emanated in every item that leaves the production line. Unlike other grinders that may have manufacturing defects, uneven edges, and other manufacturing imperfections, Sharpstone Grinders are crafted to exceed standards. Even minor flaws can cause injury to you and your hands should you slip and scrape yourself with these deformities while grinding. Superior craftsmanship is what sets our grinders apart from the competition, manufacturing precision is obvious in every Sharpstone Grinder. The drop holes are perfectly round allowing even amounts of ground herbs to fall in place. That's why the end product of each Sharpstone Grinder come out as even and as uniform as possible. Because of the precision achieved using computer numerical controls as well as the durability of the aircraft grade aluminum used in manufacturing, the internal components, like the grinding teeth of each Sharpstone Grinder, become one of the best in the business. It can hack and slash through even the most stubborn nugs of herbs allowing you to enjoy a smooth grinding experience, whoever said grinding should be a labor of love? Sharpstone Grinders take today’s advancement in technology and put it to proper use. You'll enjoy the razor-sharp cutting blades which allows utmost efficiency and efficacy. No other weed grinder can cut through your herbs as swift and as effortlessly as Sharpstone Grinders. To add to that, each piece is held together by strong rare earth neodymium magnets. This allows for exceptional closure and Sharpstone Grinders know exactly why that is important. Having a sealed weed grinder keeps your herbs fresh, the aroma and the flavor of the ground material is locked inside the herb grinder, never allowing a whiff of the herb to escape the herb grinder. It also keeps molds, mildew, and other contaminants away from your herbs. You can use it to store your ground botanicals for a short amount of time. This also means that you’ll never run into spillage, you’ll never have to waste ground herbs anymore. Sharpstone Grinders ensure that you get to maximize your plant matter by keeping them safe inside not like other cheap weed grinders that may open accidentally when you keep it inside your bags. Sharpstone Grinders made to please, thin poly rings are attached to the grinders to ensure smooth grinding, the kind that feels like you’re milling cotton instead of herbs. These thin poly rings reduce friction which relieves stress from your wrists by reducing the strain it requires to turn the herb grinder. To preserve the aesthetic quality of each product, Sharpstone Grinders anodize each weed grinder allowing it to resist virtual manifestations of minor wear and tear. Smudges and other marks of minor degeneration can be prevented through anodization. Through anodization the surface of each weed grinder becomes tough and durable with high resistance to corrosion. It naturally coats the aluminum with oxide that results to a non-reactive substance – fit for an herb grinder. Each weed grinder is made with stainless steel pollen catcher so the pollen won’t be contaminated by rust and other oxidized material that may contaminate and spoil the herbs and the pollen. Sharpstone Grinders are made to be the solution for all your grinding needs. That’s why select items include pollen scrapers to help you collect the pollen sifted from the ground material. You no longer have to look at wasted pollen that just end up at your fingers. You can use the collected pollen for edibles and even add them to your normal botanical brew. Throw in a pinch of pollen to help increase the potency of your sessions. Select Sharpstone Grinder products also come in a protective carry pouch so you can travel with your Sharpstone Grinder safely and in style. It’s kept sheltered and inconspicuous, away from the prying eyes of bystanders and onlookers who condemn what they don’t understand. A Sharpstone Grinder is the ideal solution for those looking for a high-quality weed grinder at a reasonable cost. Sharpstone Grinders are ergonomic and have a form and a design that allows you to use it many times without having to put it down just so you can rest. Sharpstone Grinders let you grind to your heart’s content.

Who We Are

We are a reseller of Sharpstone Grinders. We firmly believe in the potential and the capability of the brand. We are confident and we trust in their quality. We’re here to uphold their standard and their promise in providing the market with affordable and high-quality grinders – the likes you’ve never seen before. We are headquartered in California and operate through the core belief that all consumers should get the chance to own authentic and original products at the most competitive price possible. That's why only carry genuine products straight from the manufacturers themselves.

Our Promise

We don’t want to fail our customers, neither do we want to smear the name of the brand we carry. We are backed by a team of professional individuals that have undergone training to acquire valuable skills in customer service management to bring you world class service. We aim to process orders and requests in a timely manner because we know that for our customers, time is valuable. We answer questions and inquiries as fast as we can so we can provide you with real-time information with what it is that you want to know. Our website is managed by a group of professionals who understand the product, not by a bunch of employees who are simply functioning as a business group. The layout of the actual website is designed to be easy on the eyes and to provide you with every useful information you need when shopping for grinders. The products and the product descriptions of each items are meticulously drafted and written by professional writers to provide you with a clear and honest interpretation of the actual product, people who actually have experience and have used the product beforehand. We know that it’s important for our customers to make an informed decision especially when they’re purchasing a high-quality weed grinder – we're all consumers at the end of the day, and we know that everyone of us wants to get the best value out of what we pay for. With this in mind, we follow a guided business with an experienced figurehead at the helm. We know what the community wants, we understand. We operate as a part of the ecosystem of consumers and resellers who know the ins and the outs of the industry. You can trust on us to give you an online shopping experience of a lifetime. Forget bad experiences from poorly managed online sellers and online marketplaces. We’re here not just to make a profit – we're here to make a difference.

Together We Can Do Better

Still wondering why you should be shopping with us instead of shoddy online sellers who seem to sell products on the cheap? Well, we’re here to show you what authentic and original weed grinders can do. Cheap is oftentimes expensive. Instead of wasting money on grinders that won’t last a week, go for original products that will last longer than the amount you’ve paid for. We only carry authentic products, we say no to counterfeiting as it drastically harms the market. Together, we can make a difference by showing that quality still supersedes trumpery. Products like the Sharpstone Crank Top is a unique item and is a commonly imitated product. It took years of research and development to make such an innovative and an ingenious design work flawlessly. This can’t simply be replaced and replicated by a day’s work at some backyard. You're not getting what you’re paying for whenever you buy counterfeit products. When you shop with us, you’re sure that you’re getting a product that will function as intended. From the ground up, the grinders that will arrive at your doorstep bear the guarantee of excellence and are built using the materials stated in each product statement You’re getting that peace of mind that it will not break or fall short of what is expected of a weed grinder in the caliber of products made by Sharpstone Grinders.