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SharpStone® V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Herb Grinder


  • CNC Machined Components
  • Strong Neodymium Magnets
  • Razor Sharp Cutting Blades
  • Anodized Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel Pollen Catcher
  • Added Ergonomic Design
  • Thin Poly Rings
  • Pollen Scraper
  • Carrying Pouch
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About SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Grinder

The latest in SharpStone Grinder’s collection of high-quality grinding tools, the SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Grinder is the updated version of the iconic grinding masterpiece. Because even the best grinders need a facelift, the SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Grinder boasts an upgraded and improved ergonomics while still featuring all the attributes that made SharpStone Grinders a staple name in the industry. It still uses the same anodized aircraft-grade aluminum which makes it a sturdy and a durable tool that can handle more than the average beating that grinders are known to encounter. It also makes it as light as a feather! At only 4.50 ounces, the SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece is incredibly lightweight, but from the outside, it looks as robust and as beefy as a tank. You’ll never imagine and you’ll be surprised to see something as heavy-duty looking as the SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Grinder could weight as less as a standard baseball. It also features CNC machined components that are manufactured to precision so that they won’t have to scrape each other just because the components are made uneven. This prevents abrasion which all the more reduces the integrity and the overall performance of the grinder. Furthermore, the SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Grinder still uses the same razor-sharp blades that cut through the toughest and the most stubborn herbs. All this and more make the SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Weed Grinder a unique tool for all your grinding needs.

Aesthetical and Ergonomically Upgraded

The SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Grinder not only looks good but using it also feels good. The improvement in the grinder itself goes beyond appearance and touches the most important aspect in grinding – the overall experience. Through supplemental research and development, the folks at SharpStone have recognized user experiences as one of the most important factors in product satisfaction. You can have the coolest and the sickest looking grinder and you can say you’ve used only the best components and raw materials building and manufacturing it but if the overall outcome and experience of the end users and consumers fall a little short then it hurts to say that they won’t regard your product as an effective tool for which it was designed for. Hence, the team working on research and development focused on user experience when developing and engineering the latest iteration of their flagship grinder. The SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece now boasts ergonomic curves making it easy and comfortable to hold. Ditching the full cylindrical structure, SharpStone now accentuated their design with curvatures intended to aid function and purpose. You can say that the grip and the handling of the SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Grinder is better than what the first version offered in terms of the aforementioned categories. In addition, you will notice more pronounced ribbed edges that enhance the traction and resistance from your hands to the grinding piece making it easier to twist and turn the knob for better torque and pressure. Serrated grooves on the second grinding layers also improve grip and traction unlike the first iteration which had smooth and polished edges. The SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece banks on the added gripping power to prevent slippage and unnecessary sliding when using the grinder – which is one of the most common complaint of consumers who use not only SharpStone Grinders but also other grinders on the market. This only proves to show that SharpStone listens to its customers and the general grinder using communities to give them what they want and what they truly deserve instead of relying on inaccurate predictions in design and engineering. They know what works for us because they know how to listen. Other notable improvements aside from what is seen in the exterior is the coated grinding teeth. What was once silver and bare now sports a black coating which further protects the fine cutting blades and further improves longevity and strengthens the integrity of the cutting teeth. This means you’ll get to enjoy the sharpness of the blades longer than its expected lifespan. The design and makeup of the all new SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Grinder concentrates on the important aspects of grinding, improved lifespan and improved user experience. You can say that the SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Grinder is better than its predecessor in ways unimaginable. What was once considered as perfect is made even better

Protective Pouches

An improved version isn’t complete without having anything to keep or protect it. That's why the SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Grinder has an included protective carry pouch which you can use to store it especially when you’re going out and about. The new SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Grinder has an embossed branding on the hard-top grinding layer which can cause scratches and abrasion to other objects it can come into contact with should you plan to bring it along when you travel. You don’t want important gadgetry inside your tech back pack getting damaged right? The protective carry pouch not only works as a protective sack for the grinder itself – not that it needs protecting – but for other objects it’ll be stored with like your laptop, your power bank, your smartphone, portable speakers, cameras, and all that jazz. You simply can’t afford to have these stuffs damaged that’s why SharpStone included a carry pouch because more than anyone else, they know that the SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Grinder was built tough and can cause minor scratches on other smooth surfaced items. Don’t risk it, protect your stuff and your grinder. This also makes carrying the SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Grinder low key as ever. You'll never have to worry about damaging your precious belongings because the SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Grinder takes care of that for you. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the chance to own one of these V2 grinders now!

What’s In The Box:

  • 1 x SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Grinder
  • 1 x Carrying Pouch
  • 1 x Pollen Scraper

SharpStone® V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Herb Grinder User Guide

How to Clean Your SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Herb Grinder

Your grinders are pretty much like the vaporizers, the bongs, and the pipes you put your herbs in. They need to be cleaned and maintained. They accumulate material buildup and they can also get dirty eventually. Here are ways on how you can keep your grinders functioning at their optimum level.

Here are some things you’re going to need:

  • Cotton Swabs
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Small Cup/Container
  • Paper Towel
  • Warm Water

1. Set your workspace 

Set your grinder in a flat surface. You may take a dry paper towel where you can lay your grinder on; this is so you can see all the parts clearly with a white backdrop. This will also protect your grinder if you’re going to be laying it down a rough surface. The SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Herb Grinder has some smooth areas and it may be scratched if it comes into contact with a hard and rough area.

2. Deconstruct the grinder 

Once you have your work area set up, it’s now time to dismantle the grinder and prepare it for cleaning. Take the grinder apart and lay all the pieces on the white paper towel.

3. The cleaning process

Once the grinder has been taken apart you may now begin cleaning the grinder. Dab the cotton swabs in isopropyl alcohol and lightly brush the corners of the grinder. Do the same for the grinding teeth as well as the pollen screen. Practice extra caution as the teeth are sharp and the screen may break if you put too much pressure when cleaning it.

After you’re done wiping the parts of the grinder, you may fill your cup or container with isopropyl alcohol. Fill it to the point that the grinder will be submerged when you put it in. Soak the parts of the grinder in the alcohol solution for 3 – 5 minutes. Take the grinder out and brush the corners with cotton swabs once again. After which, soak the parts for another 5 minutes and take the grinder out of the solution.

Rinse it with warm water and place the washed parts in another dry paper towel. Dry the grinder and leave it until fully dry. Replace the parts and you’re good to go.

How to properly grind your herbs using SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Herb Grinder

When you purchase herbs at a dispensary, they’ll come in nuggets or what we’ll refer to as nugs. Your nugs could be sized anywhere from the size of your fingernails to those the size of your thumb. You can choose to break them into smaller pieces before you place them in the grinder but you can place one big nug on the grinder as long as it stays within the perimeter of the grinding teeth.

Now it’s not uncommon for the grinder not to fit properly especially when you have a full-sized nug in it. However, you’ll notice that the grinder will begin to fit properly once the herbs begin to get milled. Make sure to turn the grinder sideways until you feel that the herbs are cut down into smaller bits and pieces. As an indication, the grinding action will feel smoother once the herbs are finer and are feathery. Once you feel like you’ve achieved this consistency, give the grinder a few taps this will let the pollen from the ground herbs fall into the pollen catcher giving you kief for later use.

Take the ground material from the herb chamber and load them onto your vaporizer or onto your bowl. You can also transfer these ground herbs into a container so that they will stay fresh for later use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
SharpStone® V2 Hard Top

The grinder is amazing! The only reason for four stars is because we received the wrong color, but it's still great!
Thank you! :)

douglas swanner
Sharpstone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Grinder Brown 2.1 In.

It does exactly what I wanted it to do! My previous grinder produced results that were fine to the point of being almost flakey; whereas, this one resulted in a product similar to the size of cracked black pepper maybe smaller, which was perfect for what I wanted. I also love the color I got, though if I had to buy it again I'd maybe pick the larger one, though the size I have does what I need it to.

Emily Kase
V1 versus V2

I had the V1 of this grinder for almost 11 years, it probably would have continued to live had I spent the time cleaning and greasing it. I bought the V2 and so far it's been just as easy to use and reliable as the V1 was when I first got it. Highly recommend

Stephanie Griffith
Love it

Perfect size for what I need if for everything works like it should

jim wood

loven it i am impressed

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