Collection: SharpStone Hand Crank Grinder

About SharpStone Hand Crank Grinder

Being the great innovators that they are, SharpStone Grinders have been successful in reshaping the industry with some of the most creative products the market has ever seen. One of these products is the first iteration of their hand crank grinder. This type of grinder has since then been the go-to grinder of professionals wanting to get the best grinding experience while using the herbs they grew themselves that they tended from bud to flower. The best materials only require the best grinders, right? Even mediating patients who rely on botanical herbal blends also use the hand crank grinder for various of reasons. For one, the hand crank grinder aids consumers who are having difficulty twisting and turning the average grinder. Operation of the average grinder requires you to apply torque and apply force to the grinder. People who are suffering from arthritis and rheumatism are often the one who find it hard to use and operate such tools. Imagine having to bear the difficulties and the pain of arthritis and having to suffer from the action required just for you to get the medication you deserve. This problem causes most patients to shy away from using herbs and grinders and make them switch to concentrates altogether. Concentrates are expensive and not all patients can afford such form of medication. The SharpStone Hand Crank restores their faith in herbs and grinders causing them to use botanicals again.

Apart from the super smooth action of using the hand crank unit, SharpStone ensures that each hand crank model is built with performance and genuine quality in mind. Each grinder is made only with the latest and the best computer numerical controlled equipment for precision. This translates to components that have high integrity and even edges which make the grinders function unlike any on the market. They use only aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure the utmost durability as well as lightweight for longevity and portability. See, many herb enthusiasts tend to take their grinders with them. So, having a portable and lightweight unit comes as a handy addition to one’s arsenal of vaping or smoking accessories. The SharpStone Hand Crank Grinder only weighs at around 6.00 ounces. That’s only a little heavier than a baseball. Imagine packing only this much weight but with that much grinding technology? What's more is that each hand crank model comes with an inclusive carry pouch so packing and carrying won’t exactly be a problem. This is also because the crank mechanism of this grinder may get in the way of packing that it can damage other objects you pack on your bag. So, having a convenient carry pouch can be awfully helpful in terms of transportability. The SharpStone Hand Crank truly is a work of art, having some of the best components a grinder can have only makes it a top-notch option for those looking for a grinder that can yield professional level results. So, if you’re on the market for a brand new grinder or maybe just wanting a new tool you can add to your collection, the SharpStone Hand Crank is a must have.