Collection: SharpStone Grinders (Version 1)

About SharpStone Grinders (Version 1)

SharpStone grinders are the early iteration of grinding tools designed to accommodate all botanical plant matter. This first version of SharpStone products paved the way for the brand to achieve great heights and establish a name for itself. Known for their robust performance and overall quality, Version 1 grinders from SharpStone became a staple in most essential kits of both smokers and vape users. Those who loved smoking off a joint appreciated the practicality of using these grinders. As an example, the Hard Top 2-Piece Herb Grinder was a popular tool for smokers who are always on-the-go. They weigh only 3.0 ounces and are slim and sleek enough to fit your pocket. It was never a problem carrying these Hard Top 2-Piece Herb Grinders as they were both lightweight and durable at the same time. Thanks to their anodized aluminum body, they can withstand common manifestations of wear and tear as well as slight scratches should you choose to keep one of these in your backpack mixed along with your other stuff like keys and other metal objects like coins. The Hard Top 2-Piece Herb Grinder became the industry standard for durability and portability. You can see almost all smokers pack one of these bad boys so they can grind botanicals on the fly.

Those who want something bigger and require a little more power and storage capacity go for the SharpStone Hard Top 4-Piece Herb Grinder. It offered the same performance with better and much more generous storage space, capacity and added functionality. The Hard Top 4-Piece Herb Grinder was offered in a variety of sizes, the biggest being the XXL that measured at around 3.5 inches. Sure, it had the extra weight but it had textured edges which made grinding altogether easy. Consumers enjoyed the extra seal from the powerful magnets which kept the grinder locked at all times even though it carried additional load from the stored ground herbs. While it came in different sizes, it was also made available in a wide array of color options. You can find the color that’ll match your style and your vibe with the colorways available. This helped make the Hard Top 4-Piece Herb Grinder an instant hit amongst consumers who loved to mix and match their equipment.

Finally, smokers and vapers who required a special kind of grind without the added effort opted for the iconic Hand Crank Grinder. It offered effortless grinding with the crank but the main meat of this grinder was its laser sharp grinding teeth. Thanks to the latest CNC machining technology, SharpStone Grinders are able to achieve an even and uniform finish on all of the grinding teeth on their grinders. Its sharp edges can cut though herbs of all sizes, density, and toughness. Include the power and torque you get from the crank, and you have a power tool of a grinder at your disposal.

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