Collection: SharpStone V2 Grinders

About SharpStone V2

As the saying goes, things are always better the second time around. The second iteration of SharpStone’s premium grinders are upgraded and are better looking than ever. They sport improvements and updates that are the product for unwavering research; listening to customers, understanding the new trends and the new needs today’s generation present. The folks at SharpStone know very well that the times are always changing and that there is no constant thing in this world than change. Thant's why even though their products are highly regarded as some of the best grinders on the market, they still use their unwavering passion to improve what they believe can still be better. Some of the most notable ameliorations come in the form of ergonomics. Newer models now sport a curvy body that helps not only in handling but also in giving your hands a more natural posture when holding the grinder. These newer versions also are outfitted with more pronounced textures found on the edges of the grinding layers and on the bottom part of the grinder. Again, these improvements are geared towards convenience and ease of use, allowing consumers to have a better grip on the grinder which then prevents slippage and spillage of the materials stored inside the grinder when grinding that may result to having all your herbs and botanical plant matter go to waste. And, while we’re in the topic of superior hold and better grip, it’s also comforting to know that amidst all the upgrades, these SharpStone products still retained what made them some of the most sought-after grinders on the market today. They did not risk cutting back on some on the components of the grinders – especially the most vital ones because they know that quality puts you on the map. The same strong rare earth magnets used on the earlier versions of the SharpStone Grinders are still used on the newer versions. This keeps everything, especially the top grinding part of the unit together and keeps the herbs inside safe from spillage. Furthermore, each new grinder is still made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum for the best performance. Aircraft-grade aluminum gives SharpStone Grinders unparalleled durability while still achieving a light weight for portability. The larger grinders are still using the same high-grade stainless-steel screens that allow maximum material yield. You can enjoy using the pollens you’ve collected for various applications and what’s good about it is that the stainless-steel material is easy to clean. That's why you’re always sure that the pollen you collect or catch is never contaminated by other toxic or harmful organisms because stainless-steel in general are safe to use with food, that’s why we see many kitchenware use this kind of material.

The SharpStone V2 like SharpStone V2 Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder grinders are the perfect example of marriage between the old and the new. They use the same raw materials and the same technology in manufacturing their grinders while applying ergonomic techniques that improve the overall experience of the user. This is one of the reasons why SharpStone became the best brand for grinders. They put the customers first, they listen to them and most importantly, they use whatever feedback they get from the community. So, what are you waiting for? Check out these V2 grinders now!