Collection: SharpStone Clear Top 2 Piece Grinders

About SharpStone Clear Top 2 Piece Grinders

An engineering marvel, these 2-piece clear top grinders are the product of some of the most advanced manufacturing processes. It took the team behind this successful product countless hours spent in research and development to come up with the most reliable and functional 2-part grinder on the market today.

The SharpStone Clear Top 2 Piece grinders are made with the same kind of aluminum material as the larger clear top models. This means you can expect the same kind of durability and reliability as its bigger siblings. What’s best about the SharpStone Clear Top 2 Piece models is that they are portable and are simple to use. No other grinder is as straightforward as the SharpStone Clear Top 2 Piece models. You can literally grab one of these and start grinding away your favorite dry herb botanical blends without any need of practice or any kind of learning curve. Having only to parts to work with simplifies what could be an intimidating task for some. Instead of assembling different layers for your grinder, the SharpStone Clear Top 2 Piece models only require 2 layers – and basically that’s all you need. If you find having multiple layers with pollen catchers and all a little too complicated, the SharpStone Clear Top 2 Piece models are just exactly what you’re looking for. It’s true that larger and more complex models can offer better functionality but they often make it hard for beginners to enjoy vaping and even smoking ground herbs. They will catch pollen from your herbs but most beginners don’t even know what pollens are and how to use them. The SharpStone Clear Top 2 Piece models will not only simplify things but will also incorporate the pollens on the actual ground material instead of sifting them apart from the actual end product. In this way, all you need to do is load, pack, or roll your ground botanicals instead of having to worry about how you should use the excess by-product of grinding your herbs. You will also have the advantage of having to see what’s happening inside your grinder instead of guessing how fine or how coarse the end product is. So, all you need to do is peek inside the window and look at the consistency of the herbs. If you’re using vaporizers, a fine and fluffy grind is what you want. A coarse and semi-fine grind is what you want if you’re packing a bowl or maybe when you’re rolling joints. Either way, you can ensure that you’re getting the grind you need with the SharpStone Clear Top 2 Piece models.

Didn’t we tell you that these grinders are uber portable? Each SharpStone Clear Top 2 Piece model only weighs around 3.00 ounces. This is as light as grinders could get, imagine packing this kind of grinding technology without the excess weight? It's the ultimate on-the-go grinding tool for all your herbs, flowers, and buds since you can always carry a SharpStone Clear Top 2 Piece grinder with you. What are you waiting for? Check out our collection of 2-part, clear top models now.