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SharpStone® Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder


  • Anodized Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • CNC Machined Components
  • Razor Sharp Cutting Blades
  • Strong Neodymium Magnets
  • Heavy Duty Hand Crank
  • Pollen Scraper
  • Carrying Pouch
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SharpStone Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder

SharpStone Grinders have been known for manufacturing high-quality vaporizers. Their products are a testament of true and painstaking craftsmanship. One of their most iconic pieces are their Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder. The SharpStone Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Weed Grinder is the result of careful attention to detail and superior workmanship.

The SharpStone Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder features the same build quality seen and evident on all SharpStone Grinder products. The exterior of this hand crank grinder also features aircraft grade aluminum that’s anodized for added durability. The cutting blades are sharp and are manufactured using the latest CNC technology so all the blades come out even and level for superior and exceptional grinding. It also boasts high density acrylic so you can see how fine or how coarse your grind is. Of course, the gem of this grinder is the outstanding hand crank mechanism which allows you to hack and slash all types of herbs without breaking a sweat.

The SharpStone Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder is the choice of casuals and connoisseurs. It’s outstanding grinding performance is the stuff of champions. What are you waiting for? Get the chance to experience how easy and how convenient the SharpStone grind is with the SharpStone Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder.

Unparalleled Precision and Unrivaled Performance

In grinding herbs either for smoking or for vaping, precision and performance is the key. You'd want to achieve the correct and proper result depending on what device you’re using to vape or what method you’d be using to smoke. Herb grinders in general have been lacking in the area of precision and have been most of the time a hit or miss kind of tool to cut your herbs. You’d have to master your grinder and maybe spend a couple of days or weeks to find out how much torque you need to apply or how often do you need to twist and turn the grinding piece in order to get the kind of grind you need. Wouldn’t it be easy to know how the herbs do inside the grinder so you can just tell for yourself if you should stop grinding or if you should twist it more?

SharpStone Grinders have asked the same question many times and have come up with a unique solution to this problem. The SharpStone Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder uses high density acrylic to allow you to see what happens inside the grinding piece. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing but it also allows you to tell whether or not your herbs and your botanical blends are of the right and of the correct consistency. No more guesswork, no more assumptions. You can always open up your grinder to check on the herbs but you’re also running the risk of spilling the contents should they still be all nuggety. SharpStone clear top grinders allow and gives you unparalleled precision in grinding your select buds, flowers, and other dry herb strains. The clear top easily cuts the process of painstakingly checking your herbs to simply looking at it and breaking it open only at the right time. Aroma and freshness are locked inside grinder so you can enjoy freshly ground herbs every single time. Performance is never an issue with the SharpStone Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder as the upper grinding sections of this 4-piece tool is outfitted with a poly ring to ensure smooth grinding action supporting the crank mechanisms. You’ll experience few to no friction at all. This helps consumers who are having a hard time using traditionally designed grinders. Some consumers use their herbal blends to help them medicate, especially those suffering from arthritis. They can’t afford to suffer from pain and sometimes the twisting motion required to grind herbs using a conventional grinder adds to whatever pain they’re experiencing. The SharpStone Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder helps you be at your best without having to ask a lot from you. The crank mechanism used in the SharpStone Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder is made from heavy-duty materials to ensure that it won’t break easily. You're sure to get professional level grinding with the SharpStone Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder, whether you’re a recreational user or a medicating patient, you can enjoy the SharpStone Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder with all the benefits you can get out of it. It has 4 layers made using the best CNC machines. SharpStone Grinders knows that the only successful formula in making precision equipment is by using similarly precise machinery. Computer numerical control allows computer aided design and manufacturing so all of the components come out evenly fabricated unlike those cheap and shoddy grinders made at someone else’s backyard.

Maximizing Your Materials

Using a grinder allows you to maximize your dry herb strains, and what better grinder to use than the SharpStone Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder? It’s made with high-quality materials that faithfully preserves the natural qualities of your select herb strains. All the aroma, the flavor, and the potency are kept fresh and unadulterated. This allows you to maximize the yield of your herbs since your materials won’t spoil, rot, or be contaminated even if you store it inside the SharpStone Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder for a short amount of time. The aluminum components as well the stainless-steel screens do not affect the materials inside the grinder. Aluminum, especially when treated with anodization can be very durable and reduces leaching of aluminum. And because it is a 4-part tool, you’re getting the advantage of having a pollen catcher. You can use collected pollen to kick up your sessions by sprinkling some of it atop your herbs when vaping. You can also incorporate it to your joint if you’re smoking. However you’d like to consume your herbs, the SharpStone Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder lets you maximize your materials. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your now.

What’s In The Box:

  • 1 x SharpStone Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder
  • 1 x Carrying Pouch
  • 1 x Pollen Scraper

SharpStone® Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder User Guide

How to Adjust Your Grind for the Right Consistency

Different means of herbs and botanical consumption requires different kinds of consistency. For vaporizers, especially the ones that are using convection ovens require herbs that are fully and finely ground. This lets the air on the vaporizer effectively and efficiently permeate the herbs because of their fluffy and fine consistency. On the other hand, for individuals that want to roll a joint or pack a bowl, a semi-coarse consistency will be ideal since it will allow the herbs to burn evenly since it will have a larger surface area instead of a finely ground material that will burn faster than semi-coarse herbs.

What you need to understand is that grinders especially 4-piece grinders like the SharpStone Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder, will have holes underneath the grinding section designed to let the herbs drop once they reach a certain size – or in this case, consistency. We’ll share one life hack to get over this without having to use a 2-piece grinder in lieu.

Adjusting your grinder to get to the right consistency will allow you to customize your yields. For when you need a semi-coarse grind, simply use your SharpStone Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder the way it should be. Hold the grinder right side up and place your botanicals atop the grinding section. Place the top part to cover the grinder and begin grinding your herbs. As soon as the botanicals start to mill, they’ll fall off on the holes where you will end up with a standard consistency for your herbs. If you need a finer grind, here’s what you do.

Hold the grinder upright, place herbs as you usually do and close the clear top hand crank cover. However, instead of grinding the herbs upright, hold the grinder upside down. This will prevent the herbs from falling through the holes so you can constantly grind it till you achieve a fine grind. Hold it upside down until the grinding action is smooth and the herbs inside no longer offers any form of resistance.

How Not To Waste Your Time Grinding

Grinding your herbs could be a taxing errand. Especially if you’re a heavy user, you have to keep on grinding your herbs time and time again. This can cause you to repetitively grind herbs and this can be tiring at times, not to mention that it can also overwork your grinder causing it to get dirty and stick faster that it should, and you what that means. In means more time spent on cleaning your grinder instead of having more time to do other stuff like having to smoke or vape your botanicals. So, here are a few tips on how you can save your precious time grinding your herbs.

1. Use a large grinder

Because in grinders, size matters. That's correct, having a grinder with a larger, more generous chamber to hold and grind herbs is a much-needed feature for individuals who do not want to waste their time or for those who want to grind herbs in bulk. Because time is of the essence, having a larger space to fill up with your herbs will save you time from having to reload your small grinder, removing and replacing the contents and repeating the process all over.

2. Use a hand crank grinder

Instead of wasting time and effort using a manual grinder, why not invest in a hand crank unit? Hand crank grinders require little and less effort so you can grind herbs better without having to put too much strain in your hands.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Susan Dougherty

SharpStone® Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder

Game Changer!

Wow I cannot believe how much of a needed upgrade this hand crank grinder was for me! It's so smooth and easy to use! Much easier on my wrists too! Beautiful design, very happy with my purchase!

Dustin Palmer
Broken crank

I purchased two grinders ;?one 2 inch which is fine but my version 1 handcrank broke yesterday Thursday June 26th. I have been a SharpStone user for almost 10 years but I am very unhappy with this last grinder I purchased. This is my first attempt at reaching SharpStone so this issue can be resolved. My email is and I have always spoke very highly of SharpStone and has always been the name I suggest to others when asked about grinders. What can I do? Please email back!
Dustin Palmer

James Hollis

SharpStone® Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder

Tyler Gundberg

It's good, they didn't have silver so I got brown but honestly it's just a good grinder

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