Collection: SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Grinder

About SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Grinder

Always on the move but never with a grinder? Check out the SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece grinders. These 2-part grinders are made with the on-the-go consumer in mind, imagine having a slim and sleek tool to help you shred those big and stubborn nuggets of herbs into smaller finer pieces of botanicals without having to pack and carry excess weight and bulk. These models are made thin and lightweight so they can fit your pockets, what else can you ask for in a portable grinder? Countless hours of research and development gave the folks at SharpStone Grinders the data and information they need to formulate and create the best-looking grinder which functions and performs as the larger and bulkier grinders. The hard top from this 2-part grinder keeps the contents hidden from the prying eyes of nosy bystanders and onlookers who judge you at a moment's notice when they see the herbs inside your grinder. So, if you want to keep a low-key especially when you’re grinding outdoors, you better get yourself a SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Grinder.

The SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece models ensure that you get the perfect balance of simplicity and functionality. You can enjoy professional-level grinding without the complications and the intricacies of having a complex and complicated 4-part or 5-part unit. This is important especially when you’re grinding your herbs on-the-go. You don’t need to go through more steps and more stages and pre-requisites just so you can get to grind your herbs. The 2-piece models remove the complexities of using grinders with several layers, you can get to the end result faster by skipping all unnecessary steps. While larger grinders offer the advantage of collecting pollen which you can use either to sprinkle on your herbs or for making edibles, you simply don’t need that feature when you’re always on the move. You'll find yourself having no time to prepare collected pollen. With the SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece unit, the pollen is not sifted, instead it remains mixed and combined with the herbs. All the components of your select herbs are kept intact so you still get all its benefits without having to go through all the steps. It's made simple especially for consumers who are always on the fly. These grinders are perfect for travel not only because of their size but because it is the ultimate travel grinder. It comes with a carry pouch which not only protects the grinder itself but also protects the objects surrounding the SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece models. If you’re the kind of person who takes care of their grinders like any other object or gadget, you surely don’t want it to get any scratches when you pack it during your travels. The inclusive carry pouch helps a lot in these circumstances. This makes for a worry-free tool for all your grinding needs. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re the type of consumer whose always active and is always on your feet, what you need is the SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece. Get yours now.