Collection: SharpStone Hard Top 5 Piece Grinder

About SharpStone Hard Top 5 Piece Grinder

If you’re looking for the best grinding experience without having to sacrifice portability over performance as well as the total and overall costs, then the SharpStone Hard Top 5 Piece is the right grinder for you. The SharpStone Hard Top 5 Piece offers all the features that a grinder should have in one lightweight and durable packaging. Weighing only at 5.00 ounces, the SharpStone Hard Top 5 Piece grinders ensure that you can get the ultimate grinding experience you never knew was possible. Starting from the outside, the SharpStone Hard Top 5 Piece is covered and protected with a coating of anodized aluminum which protects it from smudge marks and minor wear and tear. If you’re worried about grinders that have colors that easily fade due to constant use, you should start using the SharpStone Hard Top 5 Piece. Anodization creates a defensive sheet which protects the grinder from the physical manifestations of wear and tear as well as daily use and activity. This preserves the aesthetic quality of the grinder as well as it prolongs its overall longevity. This makes SharpStone Hard Top 5 Piece Grinders a good investment for beginners and even advanced users.

Each SharpStone Hard Top 5 Piece Grinder is made using precision manufacturing equipment and the latest CNC machining technology. This means that each grinder bears the promise of precision and translates to having your ground materials come out evenly and well-prepared unlike other grinders that have uneven cutting teeth and rough edges that can cause the grinder to underperform. The SharpStone Hard Top 5 Piece were made to be the perfect grinder. However, the gem of the 5-piece grinder is the two stainless steel screens that sift and filter the material for total maximization of your ground botanical plant matter. With these two screens, you can maximize the yield of your herbs. Because these screens are made from stainless steel which makes them easy to clean and maintain. This way, corrosion and unwanted bacteria won’t buildup and develop inside your grinder. Your herbs are kept safe and clean and you won’t have to worry about spoilage and contamination anymore. You can use the clean pollens you’ve collected in making edibles as well as an additive to the herbs even if you’re smoking them or vaping them. Regardless of how you use them, having kief or pollens at your disposal allows you to stretch the benefits of your materials. The SharpStone Hard Top 5 Piece Grinders are also equipped with neodymium magnets for improved hold and stability. Using a grinder with as many layers as the SharpStone Hard Top 5 Piece units, it’s important to ensure that the layers remain held together because if the layers break apart, it may cause the materials to slip and spill. Ensure that the materials are kept safe so it won’t end up getting wasted.

Enjoy the ultimate grinding experience with the SharpStone Hard Top 5 Piece models.