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SharpStone® V2 Clear Top 4 Piece Herb Grinder


  • CNC Machined Components
  • Strong Neodymium Magnets
  • Razor Sharp Cutting Blades
  • Anodized Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel Pollen Catcher
  • High-Density Acrylic
  • Improved Ergonomic Design
  • Thin Poly Rings
  • Pollen Scraper
  • Carrying Pouch
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About SharpStone V2 Clear Top 4 Piece Grinder

The long wait is over, for consumers and customers who have been asking for an improved version of the original SharpStone Clear Top 4 Piece unit, here comes the upgraded and updated version. The all new SharpStone V2 Clear Top 4 Piece Grinder is the answer for all your grinding needs and more. It has a striking physical appearance that’s even more stylish and up-to-date. SharpStone Grinders dumped the old plain and minimalist looking grinder and used a new and ergonomic style. This design was brought by the intention to focus on the user’s overall grinding experience. One common complaint of grinder users is slippage, the problem of having to have your hands, fingers, and thumbs slip when twisting and turning the grinder. This is important since other herbs are too though and are too stubborn resulting to injured hands or problems in the carpal area. This was to be addressed by the new design and engineering of the SharpStone V2 Clear Top 4 Piece Weed Grinder.

It still has the same build quality but the newer models now feature improved gripping mechanisms that are more pronounced and are thicker than ever. This allows you to easily hold the grinder and apply the needed pressure without having to put additional strain on our hands. The new adjustments are geared towards convenience like the deeper grooves that can be found on the second layer of the grinder. This is to help you hold the grinder in place or for when you have to disassemble the components apart. You'll have a better way of holding the grinder instead of what the old plain and smooth surface offered. In addition, the bottom layer now features the same textured edge for easier removal and replacement of the collecting part of the grinder. For better handling, the body of the grinder now is curved along the lines of the body. But you need not worry since the curvatures does not reduce the capacity of the grinder to hold the herbs in place. You can still keep the ground materials inside the grinder for a short amount of time after you’ve achieved your desired consistency. And speaking of consistency...

Peek-Through Windows

There are a lot of qualities that makes the SharpStone V2 Clear Top 4 Piece Grinder special, but what makes it stand out from the rest of the competition is its clear top cover which lets you see the contents and the process happening inside the SharpStone V2 Clear Top 4 Piece Grinder as you grind your herbs. This is not only a tasteful addition to what the grinder can do but it also adds a level of information that you can use to your advantage. Imaging not having to remove and replace the grinder lid or the top part just so you can peek inside the grinder. This is important most especially when you’re watchful of the consistency of the herbs. This is imperative most especially when you want to achieve a certain degree of consistency as the aforementioned factor significantly affects the quality of your vaping or smoking sessions. SharpStone Grinders know this that’s why they outfitted the SharpStone V2 Clear Top 4 Piece Grinder with a durable, high-density acrylic material. This high-density acrylic is used on older models and is retained on the SharpStone V2 Clear Top 4 Piece Grinder because of its practical applications. The acrylic material used for the clear top part of the SharpStone V2 Clear Top grinders is a shatter-resistant material that’s used widely in the construction industry as a replacement or substitute for real glass materials. That's because it’s a durable material that’s likewise a safe and a non-toxic component. So even if the acrylic comes into direct contact with your herbs, it will not cange or alter its makeup and will not affect nor react to it chemically. Such is the beauty of using high-density acrylic and its applications on modern day herb grinders.

Apart from the clear top cover, what keeps it looking good is its anodized aluminum exterior. The aluminum metal is based on aircraft-grade components and the exterior of the grinder is treated through anodization for better durability. This allows the SharpStone V2 Clear Top 4 Piece Grinder to endure and withstand minor manifestations of wear and tear and daily use. Smudges and smears are kept at bay through the SharpStone V2 Clear Top 4 Piece Grinder anodized exterior. Like the high-density acrylic, the process of anodization is safe and does not have any toxic by-products that’s why the said process is best for grinders since it does not affect the quality of the herbs placed in the grinder.
The Best Magnets in the Business
The newer model, SharpStone V2 Clear Top 4 Piece Grinder, uses the same rare earth magnets as other older models in the SharpStone Grinders collection. These magnets keep the components of the grinder connected without having to let the materials fall out of the grinder or accidentally spill out of it. This is extra useful especially when you keep your grinder inside your bag or when you actually store herbs inside the grinder and then place it in your bag. You don’t want to have a mess inside your bag and you certainly don’t want the smell of the herbs coming out and have people take a whiff of what you have inside.

That’s why SharpStone Grinders use only the strongest magnets that are commercially available. These magnets seal in the freshness of the herbs as well as keep them safe inside. Also, each SharpStone V2 Clear Top 4 Piece Grinder comes with an inclusive carry pouch for easy packing and carrying when you’re travelling. This ensures that the SharpStone V2 Clear Top 4 Piece Grinder won’t get to scratch with other objects and cause unnecessary abrasions on other stuff you so keep inside of your bag. This makes the SharpStone V2 Clear Top 4 Piece Grinder an ultimately travel-friendly grinder. Go and get the chance to own this grinder now.

What’s In The Box:

  • 1 x SharpStone V2 Clear Top 4 Piece Grinder
  • 1 x Carrying Pouch
  • 1 x Pollen Scraper

SharpStone® V2 Clear Top 4 Piece Herb Grinder User Guide

How To Spot A Fake SharpStone Grinder

Today's market is littered with fake and counterfeit products that it’s hard to trust hardly anyone unless you know they’re directly in contact with the manufacturer themselves. However, to make sure you’re equipped with the right information we’ll give you some tips that you can use to spot a fake SharpStone grinder. Because we know how important it is that you invest in an authentic original product. Always check and go over these tips to know if you’re getting the real deal.

1. Check the branding

Original SharpStone grinders will have a registered trademark symbol (®) while fake and counterfeit products will have a trade mark symbol (™). Also, original SharpStone grinders use laser engravings instead of printing the branding on the grinder. That’s why fake grinders will often have a more pronounced white logo than original grinders. The branding on counterfeit products are more obvious and they are more visible than authentic products because of the manner of how the branding and the logo was printed on the aluminum metal. The same thing can be said amongst the patent number text printed on the grinder. This is true amongst hard top grinders as clear top units will have a light and whiter branding on the edges or on the bezel of the clear top grinding section.

2. Check how well the grinder fits

SharpStone products boast being manufactured using the latest CNC machining technology. Computer numerical controls or CNC refers to precision machines that accurately cut and saw through different kinds of materials. The result of this manufacturing process is a product with impeccable fit. All the edges of the products that was manufactured using CNC technology are exceptionally level and no uneven edges can be observed because using a CNC equipment is like charting coordinates on a map and the computer will follow the exact location and, in this case, specification that the material should be manufactured. That’s why original and authentic SharpStone products will have no wobbly parts or components that loosely fits because it was made with accurate manufacturing equipment.

3. Check the pollen pick and the screen

SharpStone uses only high-grade pollen catchers that are outfitted on the grinder with the same technology used in manufacturing the entirety of the grinder. This ensures that the pollen catcher is carefully and securely attached to the section where it belongs. So, the pollen catcher or the screen must be firmly connected to the sifting section. We have noticed that the screens on counterfeit products tend to get wobbly and then develop buildups as well as resin compounds. The screens are also larger which allows more of the herbs to pass through the screens instead of only sifting and separating the herbs from the pollen.

Here’s an interesting fact, most fake grinders will place the pollen scraper in the bottom part where pollen is collected while original and authentic products will have the pollen scraper placed on the sifting section. It is rue since these will most likely be the case once you check the item out of the box.

How to Properly Remove Buildup from Your Grinder

Those who use grinders will know the struggle of having pollen of kief buildup and develop on the crevices of the grinder. This can be from the cracks of the threaded connection or it may be from the edges of the internal parts of the grinder. Nevertheless, having resin buildup from inside the grinder can be pretty dangerous for you. Bacteria can develop and proliferate from the inside of the grinder through these pollen buildups as these pollens can be sticky and can quickly turn into a breeding pool for microorganisms that will eventually make its way to the herbs you grind. Here’s how you get rid of the pesky buildups.

1. Freezing your grinder

One known method to remove the accumulated pollen is to freeze your grinder. The idea behind this method is that trichomes, of the pollen that falls off from the herbs while you grind it becomes brittle once they’re exposed to extremely low temperatures. When you freeze the grinder, the pollen that got stuck on the crevices of the grinder will break off the metal making it easy to remove them without exerting too much effort in the process.

2. Soak your grinder in isopropyl alcohol

Another way of removing these buildups is by soaking the grinder in alcohol. When you soak the grinder in alcohol make sure you remove all the rubber components because rubber might break when soaked in alcohol make sure to remove the rubber rings on your SharpStone V2 Clear Top 4 Piece Herb Grinder before you soak it in alcohol. Submerging your grinder in alcohol will dissolve the residue on the small crevices of the grinder. It may take several dips before you completely remove the residue from the grinder. It’s good to mix the solution with the grinder on it from time to time to ensure that the weakened residue will fall off. You might also want to use a cotton swab to remove the residue from hard to reach areas.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Kevin Lauer

SharpStone® V2 Clear Top 4 Piece Herb Grinder

Taylor Curtis

Everything I would expect and want from a top quality grinder

Jon T
Great Build

It's sharp and fits together very well

James McCabe
V2 Clear Top 4 Piece

This new grinder replaces my old SharpStone that I've used for the past several years. The new version is not only more aesthetically pleasing to the eye but is much easier to open after grinding dense buds. It's a winner!

Cathleen Goff


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