Collection: SharpStone V2 Hand Crank Grinders

About SharpStone V2 Hand Crank Grinders

If you thought the original hand crank grinder from SharpStone was the supreme example of a hand crank grinder, then you’ll be glad to hear that it now has an upgraded version. The big daddy of grinders now has improved ergonomics making use and operation easier that what you were used to. This not only makes the SharpStone V2 Hand Crank a superior hand crank grinder and the ideal tool for all those looking for professional-level grinding.

The SharpStone V2 Hand Crank has several uses but the main application of this grinder is to allow people who are having difficulties with the twisting and turning motion required by other grinders when operating the basic grinder setup. It also helps those who are in need of mass grinding especially when shredding and milling herbs of hard and tough nature. You can easily break down nuggety herbs even if they’re still attached to soft twigs and even if they still have some seed in them. The power from the heavy-duty hand crank mechanism allows for better grinding without the pressure and the strain you get from the traditional way of milling your herbs. SharpStone V2 Hand Crank Grinders use only the best raw materials in manufacturing their products. Hence, the same aircraft-grade aluminum is used in the SharpStone V2 Hand Crank to ensure resiliency and portability. The SharpStone V2 Hand Crank can easily withstand smears and wear marks from daily use. If you’ve got sweaty hands, you need not worry because the aluminum metal is treated through anodization which strengthens the overall integrity of the grinder by creating a protective layer through oxidation. The anodized layer of aluminum allows better resistance to minor exhibition of wear and tear. It's a non-toxic way of protecting the grinder as well as the herbs inside it. People who are in the market for new grinders for their herbs will find the SharpStone V2 Hand Crank a reliable tool. For medicating patients, nothing is more important than having a dependable equipment to help them maximize their herbs. Imagine having your grinder break down on you just when you need it the most. That's why investing in a solid grinder like the SharpStone V2 Hand Crank makes for a wise investment for both casual consumers and medical patients. Those who rely on ground herbs for a non-synthetic means of medication can always depend on the SharpStone V2 Hand Crank for all their medical needs. The components on the grinder itself will not affect nor will it react chemically with the herbs making it a safe choice for people who need medical-grade equipment like their grinders. Avoid using cheap and low-class products that will break on you within less than a week. The SharpStone V2 Hand Crank is a secure venture on grinding. It delivers the best grinding experience you never knew was possible. So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a recreational user or a medical consumer, the SharpStone V2 Hand Crank is a solid choice.