Collection: SharpStone V2 Hard Top Grinders

About SharpStone V2 Hard Top Grinders

Spearheading the grinder revolution is the newer and updated versions of the SharpStone hard top grinders. The latest and newest version of these masterpieces sport a beefier looking exterior and a more ergonomic and sexier looking body. Although they look entirely different from the exterior, they still share the same genetic makeup as the earlier hard top models.

Breaking down the obvious upgrades on the V2 hard top series, the most apparent change is the actual hard top grinding piece. What was a plain looking hard top piece now sports embossed branding making it look more robust and more powerful. It still serves the purpose of hiding the contents of the grinder from curious cats but it also makes grinding more efficient. The design of the V2 hard top is cleverly executed in a way that it not only makes the looks of the grinder stand out but it also makes the grinding experience seamless and more effective. Because of the embossed branding on top of the hard-top cover, the palm of your hands can also help in providing the much-needed torque required in grinding your herbs. Instead of relying on your fingers by gripping the sides of the grinding piece, you can now seek the help of the palm of your hands help distribute the force from your fingers to the entirety of your hand. Speaking of your fingers and the edges of the grinder, the V2 series hard-top now have larger grooves on the edges of the grinding piece. This helps you in having a smooth experience when grinding your herbs as it prevents slippage that can be the cause of minor harm when grinding. Like the embossed hard-top piece, it helps administer and allocate the pressure evenly instead of having one concentrated location. The secondary layer as well as the bottom part of the grinder has the same feature which helps when you’re holding the grinder with two hands. The focus of the improvements is directed towards the user’s comfort and convenience. Because the protruding textured finish of the v2 series hard-top grinder can be a major issue when you stash your SharpStone Hard Top 4 Piece Herb Grinder inside your bag, SharpStone included a carry pouch where you can safely store the grinder even if you plan to kep it with your other belongings like your laptop, your, smartphone, or any expensive tech inside your bag. This also ensures that the smooth and polished parts of the SharpStone V2 Hard Top Grinders will not be damaged.

Some of the most notable improvements of the SharpStone V2 Hard Top models lean towards both the appearance and functionality but SharpStone made sure that their grinders are properly equipped with the right components. Hence, the same raw materials used in the earlier versions are used on the V2 series. This promises long-time SharpStone users the same quality while they indulge on the new advantages brought by the new designs of the new SharpStone V2 Hard Top series model.