Collection: SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Grinders

About SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Grinders

The iconic hard-top grinder from SharpStone now has a revamped, upgraded version. For SharpStone fans and other grinder users alike, SharpStone gives us the latest iteration of their hard-top grinder. It's got all the right features and components that made the 4-piece hard-top grinder the icon it is but the new SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece is the stuff of legends.

It’s made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum making the SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Grinder a lightweight tool that boasts superior durability and longevity. The aerospace aluminum is further treated through anodization making it tougher and more durable. Because of the treatment it receives, it can now withstand minor manifestations of wear and tear as well as minor corrosions from sweat as well as from material buildup and other by-product residue. The aluminum block is manufactured using the latest CNC machining technology which precisely cuts and penetrates the aluminum block without having to reduce the overall integrity of the raw metal. Each piece is cut with accuracy so no component of the grinder will have any uneven edges that will have to result in damage and internal abrasion. Because of the precision cutting of computer numeric controlled machines, the grinder runs and grinds smoothly unlike cheap and shoddy grinders made by companies that do not pay attention to the overall quality of their products. To aid the smoothness of the grinding pieces, SharpStone installed poly rings on the grinding components to help reduce wearing and rubbing of the grinding pieces. This not only results to the overall effortless feel of using the SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece grinder but it also helps in extending the lifespan of the grinder itself. This significantly decreases wear and tear amongst the moving pieces which results to the preservation of the said components. The SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece is also outfitted and is equipped with all the right stuff like the stainless-steel screens that effectively collects pollen from the herbs and botanicals you grind. A pollen catcher is also included on the SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece pack to ensure that all the pollen you collected can easily be scraped from the collecting compartment.

To improve user experience, SharpStone gave the old 4-piece hard-top unit a facelift. It now has embossed branding on the top part of the grinder from what once was a solid and smooth-edged surface, now sports a textured design which not only looks uber robust and sturdy but also gives the top layer an added grip helping you apply better pressure when grinding. Furthermore, the SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece has larger ribbed edges making it easier to grip and hold the grinder while twisting it. This means that even without using the hand crank version, you can still achieve effortless grind because of the additional grip you can get from the ribbed edges. The same goes for the bottom part which gives your other hand the additional gripping power it needs.