Collection: SharpStone Clear Top Grinders

About SharpStone Clear Top Grinders

SharpStone is always in the forefront of grinding innovation and revolution. They break what the norms are and they give you new ways to experience grinding in general. For most people, grinding is just a step that they need to take in order to maximize their materials, but SharpStone Grinders thinks otherwise.

SharpStone Grinders look at grinding as a science and formulate ways as well as methods to improve grinding herbs altogether. Some of their innovations include the clear top grinding collection. SharpStone Clear Top Grinders like SharpStone Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder are made using the best raw materials you can find. This includes the base material for the clear top layer – high-density acrylic. High-density acrylic is unique in a way that it’s known as a viable and even a preferred replacement for real glass. While glass can be an inert component which will allow you to see through the other side of the surface, it has the tendency to break when subjected with pressure. High-density acrylic on the other hand is known for its shatter resistant properties. The folks at SharpStone Grinders spent countless hours in research and development to come up with the perfect material to use for their clear top models. High-density acrylic can withstand daily wear and tear and because most consumers tend to stash their grinders inside their bags along with other tools and equipment, the grinders tend to scratch to other objects like keys and other metallic things. This, when unchecked, can cause glass to break. The high-quality acrylic used on the SharpStone Clear Top Grinders however can withstand such abrasions and will keep the herbs in it safe should you be storing botanicals inside the grinder for a short amount of time. The herbs inside is not only a wonder to look at but it’s also marvelous to behold. And since you can see how fine or how coarse the herbs are, the quality of the materials will never be a product of guesswork. That's why these clear top grinders are considered as professional grinders since they are optimized for top-level performance.

These clear top grinders range from portable 2-piece ones to the heavy-duty 5-piece grinders. Not to mention we also carry the iconic 4-piece hand crank version which is best suited for home use and for demanding cranking sessions. The two-piece grinders are extremely portable being a lightweight option for those who are always on-the-go. The 5-piece grinders can still be portable because of the lightweight materials used in its construction but are more suited for home use because of their bulkier size. They can still be packed inside your bag though because they’re anodized giving them a much-needed boost in durability as well as resistance to physical manifestations of wear and tear. Finally, the hand crank model is the stuff of champions, if you’re the likes that prepare ground material for a week’s use, then the clear top hand crank model is a definite must have.

Be sure to check out all the clear top models in this collection and experience the SharpStone Clear Top advantage.