Collection: SharpStone V2 Clear Top Grinders

About SharpStone V2 Clear Top Grinders

SharpStone brings us the next generation of their grinders that promise next level grinding experience. The clear top versions of the V2 series is of no exception. In a nutshell, these grinders boast new looks and better ergonomics while still using the same kind of raw materials in manufacturing. Just how is that possible? Believe me we’ve asked the same question time and time again.

The secret behind this success is in research and development, the team spearheading the engineering of SharpStone products spent countless hours of aftermarket research to know how their grinders can be improved. They know that as of the moment, their products are seen as some of the best herb grinders in the business, but they also know that times do change and they will never know what the future holds for them. So, they spend extra effort in making sure that they remain on top of the food chain. This means that they have to keep reinventing themselves while still keeping the same quality on the products they produce. A difficult task for many but being the brains behind some of the most iconic grinding pieces, SharpStone Grinders knew that this was not impossible. One of the ameliorations on the clear top models and is shared all through put the V2 series is the improved ergonomics of the grinder. Obvious curvatures allow easier handling and better hold allowing you and your hands to assume a more natural position when grinding. This helps alleviate the stress on both the carpal area and the shoulder area of consumers using their grinder. These are the most common stress points that are subjected to strain when grinding using the conventional design. Furthermore, the V2 grinders are outfitted with more pronounced edges for better grip as slippage is the number one complaint of consumers and general grinder users when operating all grinders in general and not just SharpStone products. With all these in mind, SharpStone ensured that these problems and common pitfalls are addressed so that grinder users will no longer have to bear with the problems presented by the earlier versions. While these upgrades enhance the experience of grinding, SharpStone knew that it’s important to look back and apply the same method and approach they used on the V1 series. This included using the same material for the clear windows on their grinders. The high-density acrylic is still the best material available for use since it’s shatter resistant and can endure the toils of daily wear and tear as well as daily carrying activity. With this acrylic material, consumers and grinder users can have the advantage of seeing what happens inside of the grinder as well as tell how fine or how coarse the grind of the herbs is. You will no longer have to make telling the consistency of the herbs a guesswork since you can clearly tell how well the botanicals are done without even opening the grinder.

The V2 series like SharpStone V2 Clear Top 4 Piece Herb Grinder is such a marvelous collection of upgraded grinders, make sure you check them out now!